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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: War Commander Omega base is not so hard but is so time taking. And at the end, Kixeye has followed their routine work what they do every time. 1 Part each time. max i got were 2 parts only once. What the hell Kixeye is upto? why **** the War Commander players every time? These are the players who are paying you lot of money to play the War Commander game.

Why this is necessary to remind Kixeye that they are **** the game badly. there should be 4 parts, then 3 and 2 and then 1 part. Why are you making this game so difficult? And at the end Kixeye will set a banner that we are working on it. Why you quality team dont check these kind of matters before releasing War Commander bases?????????


FREEE Omega Adam Base 400 | War Commander | 3 Sec Damage Only

R: DON'T coin...

R: Thanks for sharing the lovely video. My concern is not the damage or fast way but the parts Suxeye is giving. just 1 part or 2 parts. Suxeye has become insane now.

R: Yeah this is BS. It might be easy enough but really it just takes too long

R: I wish they can make the War Commander base harder and give out more parts


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