War Commander | Omega Adam Bases Giving 1 Part

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: War Commander Omega adam bases only giving 1 part per base. WHY! I thought this had been fixed?

A: Same with the War Commander elite bases the last couple of days.. 1,1,1,2,1,1,2... So much for the correct payouts.!!!

A: ... it's not even worth thinking about this absolute trash ...

A: I stopped after 7 1's in a row lol... I was gonna jump and do some War Commander pvp but said screw it to bored lol

A: can anyone tell me why my War Commander high altitude air units die off even after i killed all the anti air units and turrets in the War Commander omega adam base? Adam Aura kill them with War Commander high altitude?

A: Auras affects everything even high altitude units

A: Its not the damage we are complaining about its the 1 part per base payout that is the problem. Which i thought they had fixed from the last time this happened. Ha joke of the day! The bases are easy we know its the fact that I'm no way in hell going to grind 80 War Commander bases to get the parts.

A: Thanks, well screw that then they can keep the parts for others that have all day to grind out the parts. Thanks to a kixeye official or mod for informing us of this! Always there to help aren't they.


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