War Commander Bases | OFFICIAL HTML5 LAUNCH (Beta)

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | OFFICIAL HTML5 LAUNCH (Beta)


War Commanders, whether you’re here to learn more, or find out how you can help build the future of War Commander, we want to start by offering a huge “thank you” for all your help and support thus far. The entire War Commander team is incredibly excited to see our work and investment support the long-term success of this game.

The War Commander HTML5 Beta Launch goes live with the 10.38 Update on Thursday, September 17th 2020.


We know that there will still be plenty of kinks to iron out during this War Commander Beta Launch. That’s to be expected. While participation isn’t mandatory, the more commanders who join the HTML5 Beta Launch, the faster we will work through any issues that arise. By the time HTML5 Launches in full, we will all experience greater stability and performance.

It bears repeating: If you do decide to participate in the Beta Launch… thank you. You’ll be helping to build the future of War Commander.


To opt-in to the HTML5 Beta Launch, all you have to do is click the “Enable HTML5 Client” button at the top of the War Commander game. You can also opt-out at any time during the Beta stage and return to using the Flash version War Commander easily by clicking the “Enable Flash Player” button at the top of the game.

You’ll have the same War Commander account, same base, same platoons, same ID. Just a different technology running the War Commander game in your browser.


If you notice a War Commander bug while participating in the HTML5 Beta release, it is critical that you submit a ticket to War Commander support.

Please be sure to include:

War Commander Screenshots and/or War Commander video

-Written steps as to how you encountered the bug so our War Commander team can easily reproduce the issue

-Your User ID, and the User IDs of any other War Commander player(s) involved

-Your browser and what version number it is

-The platform you are playing War Commander on


What is a "Beta"?

“Beta” is a game industry term for any software still under development that is made available during its life cycle. Participants in the Beta are there to test, examine, and report any problems. War Commander Beta Testing allows developers and engineers to find problems and fix them prior to a full release.

Do I have to start using HTML5 now?

Participation in the HTML5 Beta release is not mandatory, but we would love for you to participate. If you choose to participate, you can do so using the button to the left and above the game. You can turn off War Commander HTML5 and resume playing on Flash at any time.

When HTML5 officially launches following the Beta release, War Commander Flash will no longer be available.

What platforms will support the Beta Launch?

The Beta Test will be available on all platforms.

When is War Commander HTML5 officially launching?

We will have a better idea of this as War Commander HTML5 Beta progresses, but our goal is to make War Commander HTML5 ready and available for full use before the end of 2020.

Have the system requirements changed?

No! System requirements remain the same, although we STRONGLY recommend using Google Chrome. The beta has also only been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, so any other browsers could see unintended instability. Additionally, you will experience better performance in the game if your computer, operating system, and browser version are up-to-date.

Thank you for playing War Commander, and for being a part of this exciting new chapter!

the game developer catching on what the gamers needs want seems good future potentials WC.. was thinking bout quitting we'll give another shot..

ok so this has not yet been tested on the FB platform is this to be understood correctly ?

it is tested on all platforms but it is recommended you use the outlined browsers above for optimal performance and stability

every program, app, game ever made has a Beta stage .... EVERY ONE ... Microsoft, apple, linux, every program ever made has a beta stage

back in the day, I beta tested America Online (before it was made available to the world) ... yes, I know it shows my age .... but my point is ...

everything in the computing world, with NO exceptions goes through a War Commander beta stage

I look forward to joining this one as soon as I can

and remember, you do not have to participate in the beta, and stay on the Flash version if you want

kind of reminds me of War Commander preview server kixeye had before events.

I am not a tech wiz so I am going to do all that I know how to do. I have been anxiously awaiting for this to come and rest assured I will do anything I can to help sort out the bugs.

will this see the end of War Commander hacker as this is what is killing the game ?

I'll be happy to participate in the beta test. I've seen this game go through many changes over the years, this one seems to be one of the most positive.

I do miss them...

Looking forward to testing out the new War Commander Beta. This could indeed be a much needed move in the right direction.


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