War Commander Bases | More Tech to Research?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | More Tech to Research?

Q: Kix more War Commander tech to research? I'm talking about War Commander romero diamond tech. im halfway researching jugg tech bcs level 1-15 takes 15 days. not to mention i haven't started with War Commander penance tech yet and those take a month. Don't you think you should give us a little break to catch a breath? or maybe consider reducing gen 4 tech research time a little. lol i know you wont do anything cuz you never listen to War Commander player but I'm very annoyed

A: Agreed. Makes it all a little pointless really. By the time I get on to War Commander penance tech there'll be another 2 new units

A: i believe we need the tech, but they should make the upgrades instant like before

A: The response you will get is.... " It's about choice and what strategically fits you and your individual priorities"

A: exactly. not to mention tech drop from War Commander shadow ops is very very low

A: new War Commander tech is never bad but our hands are already full, they could release it next event

A: if you can get the War Commander New tech, by all means get it ...

upgrading it is an option if you want to upgrade it ... always remember, just because it is new, it does not mean it is good, nor do we need to upgrade it if we do not consider it worthy

but I would suggest getting it, if you can ... because, if it turns out to be great tech you already have it

(and IMO when a unit or War Commander Tech first comes out, it is usually easier to get, then waiting for months for it to come back, and then it may be more difficult to obtain)

A: not talking about getting it its the long upgrades that's the problem unless your a coiner of course

A: Having units, tech, War Commander buildings, etc to continuously to upgrade is part of the strategy. Upgrade what's most important to you as a a part of your strategy.

A: I think it's pretty clear that if you want your units to have the max tech faster then you have to spend money.

It's just like first class and coach. in first/business class, you get more amenities and are served faster, but in coach...

As to kixeye listening to War Commander players. I think they regret making this forum. because the mods rarey reply to these kinds of posts.

War Commander Players cannot make their voices be heard apart from this platform.

We can't really do anything apart from hoping things will change... for the better.

Hope you understand.

A: Totally agree with to much to soon. Yes you have the choice to upgrade , but what you do not really have is the knowledge to prioritize for which War Commander unit for best benefit.... and they also now brought in res,thot etc + time which makes it even harder.

A: the weird thing is that the tech is for Romero of all units. he barely fits into the new generation era where units have a gazillion hp and dmg since his dmg numbers are low. whats next fixeye? War Commander diamond tech for the Prophet that makes its shot fan out?


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