War Commander | Micro Heal Base Defenders?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: I had dead War Commander screamer and peg in War Commander base.

screamer started to heal 1st and when it healed 50%, i wanted to heal my peg so i removed it from the War Commander base defender toon and put it in another toon to heal it some , after it healed a bit , i forgot i could only put fully healed War Commander defenders in there, is there anyway to micro heal War Commander base defenders, also i can not put defenders in order of who i want to heal 1st and who i want to heal last.

any suggestions on how to do it?

R: You dont / cant.

R: What he said.

R: It will let you remove PvP only units from base defense and put them in War Commander PvP platoon to repair them but that's the best you can get. I take my hovers out and repair them in a PvP platoon and put them back in defense toon while everything else repairs that way I'm not totally undefended War Commander.

R: you can't put damaged units into the base defender platoon. so if you remove a de unit and micro heal it, you wont be allowed to put it back into the base platoon until its completely healed. therefor no micro healing the War Commander base plat.

R: I feel a change will be coming to this now.

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