War Commander Bases | Many Craters on the Maps!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Many Craters on the Maps!

Q: I want to see many war commander craters on the maps! War Commander Players got flat and a few minutes after they just jump. Well, if they repair CC with gold that is fine. I follow 1 time them and find out they CC still under repair after jump.

Sent report but nothing happen.

R: You do know you can jump from War Commander logs right? You are calling for War Commander bans which in this case is defo not warranted. Ask your friends etc bud, they will also tell you the same

R: Also you can jump from War Commander leaderboard too lol

R: Players can relocate from attack log,this is not a glitch or an exploit. They had to relocate before relocate was closed.

There is no reason for these War Commander players to be punished for doing what is allowed in the game......suck it up buttercup and remember.....always wipe backwards. :)

R: That true Bro no need to wait until CC fully repair

R: You would only need to wait for the CC to repair if your new and don't know how to play the War Commander game.


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