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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Legion in Defense

Q: Would it be a good idea to make the new War Commander legion a War Commander base defense unit as well as attack? Hitting a high level War Commander base with that, nick, peg, screamer, missile bastion and spec ops equals massive repairs. Only a coiner would take on a War Commander base with that much in it!

R: don't hit a base with War Commander E.Legion.

R: compared to darkstorm, shadow sarkis, Adam, Hive, Ares, L Hovercrafts, OP Mercs, and 4 Air platoons? I haven't seen what the legion can do but I am thankful for any kind of base defense assistance.

R: Only coiner can attack heavy def War Commander bases. it is not worth putting anything in them. 20 odd hrs repair and your bbl bust in 4 hrs.. makes no sense.

been to 5 War Commander sectors during warpath and your War Commander advice seriously narrows down targets

R: What level are you? I'm a 48 and with War Commander lights on op that lot dies quickly. Mercs aren't OP at all, they die in seconds

R: I'm level 48, but not a good level 48, maybe that's the difference of why I get flattened all the time, lol.

R: I could use every little bit of War Commander help

R: All War Commander Legendary units can be put in base defense. Been that way for a while now. Since the Legion is now a Legendary unit it can be put in your War Commander base defense.

R: The point is that defense has been so weak lately facing a full set of War Commander Omegas. Adding the Elite Legion will improve the balance

R: By the way, why doesn't it work when tried in defense using War Commander gogo bar?

R: Why not decrease War Commander defense platoon repair time for warpath as bbl only for 4 hours can't defend 2nd attempt in any case

R: Because the go go bar is not an accurate War Commander PVP test. It does not simulate a PVP battle. thus the legendary units will be removed. This was part of the War Commander AI box removal. Once the porting to HTML 5 is over they will work on that

R: Lights on ops can only be obtained through event store and you can just store 12 of 'em...

DS may be a key in attack, once it's aura is disable, the whole attack will be ruined.

But once you don't have Lights on, you are 99.9% being flatted by pro attackers.

You are reminded that it's possible you are gonna against 5 War Commander land platoons plus 4 air toons in just an attack involving devout spam and weird strategy like gorgon spam hunting cc.

The difficulty in defense is >>>>>>>> far above in attack. L legion may help defenders a little bit but remember, your defender capacity remains 3800, so some unit will be substituted...

R: Errr, yeah I know that but try hitting a lvl 48 or above with maxed War Commander legion along with the other things I mentioned. Without serious coining you aren't doing much pvp

R: so you want to flat a top player with maxed buildings and units easily? what sort of a War Commander game would it be then? and why would anyone bother maxing their stuff!

R: There's a big difference between easily and reasonably. Whale coiners are happy to lose 3 or 4 toons plus air on my base but most War Commander players dont have that kind of money and neither do I

R: lol I have smashed a few A-Holes with Legion and I havent had to coin anything. Sure your gonna get some higher damage but not much worse than any other good War Commander defenders. lil FYI Mikey kicks the crap out of L Legion. If you throw Mikey in with couple War Commander Absolvers some L hovers and Darkstorm you can clear a base with L Legion. If theres no jammer and you can missile War Commander bunkers its game over for them.

R: I've been wondering for awhile now. Since the maxed L. Legion have superior air resistance. Is it possible that I can replace the Pegasus with him now?

R: legion can't hit everything so the Pegasus is your only defensive unique against high altitude, but if high altitude isn't giving you trouble then sure you can try that

War isn't won by having the latest tech, but by using what you have in ways you haven't used them before

R: Well, coiners keep this game alive. Otherwise it would have been gone long ago

R: Very True but you don't get much bang for your buck anymore. Specially when they been giving crap units that cost an arm and a leg to coin and it's useless in a month or 2. Wish they stop that crap. I quit coining units because of it. Big waste of money. Very rare to coin a unit and it end up being a solid unit that keeps its value.

R: I wouldn't coin a unit. Yet coining building upgrades and uniques helps a lot

R: I assume you have all your units maxed... none or little coiner do not , so are defo at a disadvantage, before they start... game makers are turning guys/gals into farmers .


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