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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Legendary Legion Clones

Q: When you deploy the War Commander Legendary Legion in a War Commander PVP base, the clones move forward, stop then just stand around and do nothing while being shot at. Are they a shield? Do their weapons work? or is this yet another War Commander glitch?

R: they are War Commander drones. when the drone gets too far from the mothership they wont fire due to balance reasons. thats why when echop gets too far from the main chopper it wont fire. unless you want to get demo'd by drones while the motherships are still at spawn?

R: Nope not buying that, they are called War Commander CLONES and NOT drones. Elite War Commander legion clones move forward and do their own thing. Why the difference here? Probably kixeye wants to get the legion in close enough to take per usual.

R: they are called clones as just a name, but they are drone units and they are just like the War Commander chopper company, they get too far and they won't shoot until the legion gets close to them

R: Do you know that there are War Commander players who already complain about the L.Legion being so OP when put in the defense platoon? Just imagine what would they say if its clones were able to wonder all around the War Commander base shooting projectiles.

R: Especially since it's essentially an infinite number of Clones...

R: Does everyone have selective amnesia? Blackout drone glitch? Kill any max. level War Commander base with ZERO damage. I think some of you need to find a different game to play. I killed a level 47 with defense including Judge and I got away with no dead units. 1 L. Legion, 1 Sarkis and the rest L. Hovertanks. You want it to be easier than that? Less than 2 hours repair time. Drop an L. Phantom and War Commander Omega Shepherd and no base is safe. Pop a corner open with a few ogre and watch their base melt away.

R: that make sense to me .. in real life if a drone get to far from its operator it stops and hovers ..

as far as it being op i dont see that at all .. in fact just last night i flat a War Commander base with L legion in it .. it was the first unit to die actually ..


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