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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Thinking about a War Commander legendary gladiator to be added in the War Commander game, just thought it would be cool to bring him back . .

R: This is my speculation/theory.

Seeing the War Commander legendary units, most of these units were the popular PvP units before the SF and other changes.

Like many War Commander players used E hellstorms, E hovers, E hellfires, Phantom, E Megatanks. I don't know about War Commander legion.

My guess would be legendary Titan, legendary vanquishers.... or something like that.

I think kixeye are rolling out War Commander legendary versions of popular PvP units.

R: The legendary Titan is gonna be the jewel in the crown

R: legendary units don't have a set of rules that determines what gets added, the War Commander legendary hovertank wasn't added till after a long time despite it being a popular request on both War Commander discord and forums, and there is one thing to keep in mind when you see a new legendary unit or unique enter the field, it will not act like the original unit at all nor fulfill the spots the old version used to fill, so if a legendary Titan makes it in, don't expect it to work like how the original War Commander Titan used to

R: Ares is Gladiator 2.0

R: ... as long as legendary units can only be used for War Commander pvp, the whole thing is just silly ... or only collectibles to do at least something ...


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