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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

War Commander Leaderboard Introduced in the Game Update: Jan. 30th, 2014, Feature represents the biggest change to War Commanders AI & UI to date.

Added a new leaderboard which ranks players by points (the same points that make up their level and rank).

“ Re-skinned Leaderboard - The War Commander game leaderboard is now a popup that appears over the game, includes player's rank, and matches the look of other windows in War Commander. ”

— David Scott

GameUpdate 01-30-2014.jpg

Introduction of New Combat Controls

Old unit selecting red

Early unit selecting feature

Event warhawk point leaderboard.jpg

Old Leaderboard During Event

Old Leaderboard - Point Earned

War Commander Leaderboard - Point Earned

Leaderboard - PvP Battle Loot

War Commander Leaderboard - PvP Battle Loot

Old Leaderboard - XP (Entire World)

Old Leaderboard - XP (Entire World)

No fb friend on leaderboard

No Facebook Friends on Leaderboard

War Commander Leaderboard Sector Infamy No Score

Leaderboard - Sector Infamy - No Score

War Commander Leaderboard - Point This Week

Leaderboard - Points This Week (Old)


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