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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The War Commander Lancer is a GEN III Infantry for the Survivors Faction.

The War Commander Lancer team operates a Howitzer that is capable of launching arching Projectiles that deals Area Damage.

Prior to attacking the team must setup the Howitzer which takes a total of 3 seconds.

The Lancer deals additional Damage ( Unknown Percentage ) to Vehicle Units.

Base Defense Range :

The War Commander Lancer increases it's maximum Range to from 600 to 750 when placed in the Base Defenders Platoon.


The Lancer is immune to the following Status Effects : Cryo • Scramble


Lancer gains the Practiced Hands Talent at Level 10 :

Reduces Set Up Time by -30%. ( From 3 to 2 seconds )


Lancer gains the Volley Fire Talent at Level 20 :

Gains the ability to fire in a 3 Round Bursts ( Increase Clip Size to 3 ).

The Lancer received a New Appearance in the Game Update of Aug 21, 2019

The War Commander Lancer was introduced via the Event Shop & as WCP during Operation: Metamorphosis ( Jan 24, 2019 ).

The Lancer is a Generation III Faction Unit for the Survivors faction.

The Lancer may NOT be placed in a any type of Bunker.

The Lancer drops its Semi-Limited status once 24 have been unlocked allowing for unlimited production.

However, production may still be limited by overall available Land Unit Capacity.

Lancer Training Tokens are or have been available via the following :

They were available in the Event Shop for eXP during Operation: Metamorphosis.

Lancer is a Indirect Fire Weapon which which fires in an Arc and does NOT require a direct line of sight to its target.

The Lancer has a 0.8 Platoon Speed on the World Map.

The Lancer at Level 10 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 152,594 Damage it sustains.

The Lancer at Level 20 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 213,632 Damage it sustains.

The Lancer is the second Generation III Infantry unit released for the Survivors faction.

The first was the Sharpshooter.

The Lancer is the third 2 Man Team unit to be introduced.

The 1st and 2nd where the Mortar Team & Elite Mortar Team respectively.

First Unit to require a Set-Up prior to firing after being moved - Lancer

First Ground Unit to have a Range of 600 at Level 1 - Lancer

First Infantry Unit to have a Range of 600 at Level 1 - Lancer

First Unit to have a Increase in Range when place in the Base Defenders Platoon ( Lv 20 ) - Lancer

Has the Longest Inherent Range of any Unit with 750 ( @ Lv 20 when on Defense ) - Lancer

“ Setting up this large cannon takes time but once ready, enemy vehicles stad little chance of survival. Lancer teams are called in when enemy vehicles need to be dealt a lethal blow. Unit Range incereases by 150 while defending your base. ”

— In-Game Description

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