War Commander | L Legion Gogo Bar Test

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: Just did a gogo test with this in my War Commander base and when the attack happens legion is not even showing up as even in my base any1 else notice this ???

A: Can only be deployed in a War Commander PVP platoon

A: oh ok thnx im sure i read somewhere that it could be used in defense

A: it can but go go bar counts as a War Commander rogue attack meaning pvp units will get filtered out

A: GREAT. So gogo bar tests are useless now since half of the units we are using in War Commander base defence dont even show up

A: TBH ... gogo tests were never very useful

all they do is give us a look at the very basics of a War Commander unit, never it's real potential

A: thats not true anymore, since War Commander AI box removal a go go bar battle is simulated as a real battle so you can see exactly how a unit will do in your War Commander base or against your base

A: in level 21 go go bar you can control those units you use during testing. true you can use multiple War Commander toons but it was kind of fun

A: Wait, wasn't it considered a bug? Or is it gonna stay that way from now on?

A: it is a bug but until the conversion is done it is staying that way

A: When you guys targeting HTML port completion? Sometime in early Q1 2021? I request this we have alot of bugs being reported but due to team’s priorities (HTML porting) they’re being pushed back.

A: the team is aiming to finish before the end of this year, but things are subject to change

A: @Adel-Tech can you find out why there arent many unit bases on map IE darkstorm, nova etc please, many new starters looking for these bases but cant find any maybe 1 or 2... if that... thankyou


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