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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The War Commander Kraken is a Defensive Unique Unit for the Corpus Faction.

The Kraken utilizes powerful Lasers which can strike both Ground and Air targets in a full 360° radius.

The War Commander Kraken can Target and Fire upon up to 16 Enemy Units and or Structures at a time.

The Kraken has a Max DPS ( Lv 10 ) of 254,545 per target.

The War Commander Kraken is immune to the following Status Effects : Shock-ICON • Cryo-ICON • Scramble-ICON • Napalm-ICON • Corrosion-ICON • Plague-ICON

The Kraken corrected it's Damage Streams ( 15 instead of 16 ) in the Game Update of Jul 10, 2019

The War Commander Kraken was introduced via the Kraken II Base in the Game Update of Jan 09, 2019

The Kraken is a Defensive Unique Unit, therefore:

Has a Production Limit of ONE.

Is solely for use in Defense of a Base or Platoon :

The War Commander Kraken may be placed in the Base Defenders Platoon for use in defending a Player's Base.

The Kraken may be deployed into a Holdout Base for the defense of that base during a Holdout event.

The Kraken may be placed into any Standard Platoon or PvP Platoon for the defense of that platoon.

Kraken Scrap Parts are or have been available via the following : The War Commander arms cache of the Kraken Base II.

The Kraken is an Full 360° Targeting weapon which may fire at targets regardless of the its direction of travel.

The Kraken CANNOT target High Altitude Aircraft ( Herald ) or Missiles.

The Kraken War Commander has a 1.5 Platoon Speed on the World Map.

Kraken at Level 10 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 38,961 Damage it sustains.

The War Commander Kraken is the third Simultaneous Targeting unit to be introduced ( not counting Heroes ).

The fist and second being the Phalanx and Sphinx respectively.

First Defensive Unique Unit to be introduced for the Corpus Faction. - Kraken

First Defensive Unique Unit with Simultaneous Targeting to be introduced. - Kraken

Highest number of Simultaneously Targeted Enemies with 16 - Kraken

“ Emerging from underground Corpus defense labs, the Kraken targets up to sixteen enemies at once. ”

— Unit Details

“ Corpus has been lurking, developing their latest defensive super weapon. And has emerged! The Kraken is a medium range powerhouse that uses its laser-beam tentacles to unleash a barrage at anyone foolish enough to approach. Able to attack up to 16 enemies at once in 360 degrees of destruction, your enemies will think twice before disturbing the monster that lurks at the heart of your base. Experience the Kraken fist hand in the Kraken I base, before fighting against it in the Kraken II base to earn enough parts to tame your own legendary monster. ”

— Game Update ( 9.02 ) of Jan 09, 2019

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