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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: Only 3 mos in game and bought some War Commander gold to support u. Now I am told haven't spent enough to write a ticket for fact i have missing gold War Commander. I bought a xp boost with xp in Holdout, good buy, and w/o warning it immediately started. it also offered me other boosts for gold for which i closed the window. I later discovered that a boost for 10 gold had been activated to boost SF's, of which i have none as they r obsolete. Please remove this from my play and return my War Commander gold because i did not buy this and not sure how it started. Also, so as not to make other players mad u may want to remove this obsolete boost.

A: Good luck with that - last time they took a bunch of War Commander gold from me they told me "too bad."

A: you will need to submit a ticket War Commander

A: Doesn't it say that he was unable to submit War Commander tickets in the post lol.This says alot .

A: We all have to learn the hard way dont we. Which is complete bs.

A: U wont let me War Commander submit a ticket, hence the post.

A: Groot, if you have spent the $50.00 US dollars or more, private message any War Commander moderator & they will tell you what needs to be done to get support activated...

A: Groot, you can message me and I will tell you what is needed to get your support enabled.

A: Yeah spend more money lol I remember when everyone had real War Commander support.


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