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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: The new War Commander Diamond Tech under HOLDOUT prizes for the Judge suggests add 30% damage and reduce 30% for damage at max. The War Commander workshop for the Judge Tier 3 Diamond Tech 1 states 3 levels at 2-12-22..... with increased velocity of weapon. So is this a new War Commander Diamond Tech or some kind of typo??????? And if I desire same will I have to purchase 3 to get the MAX???? And as I my War Commander Judge spends most of the time in the armory, does anyone believe strongly in this PRIZE? Would be nice if someone answered that bought into both....... ????

A: yes increased velocity as we well as damage and clip size...I think it's worth it. Just one purchase for 3 tiers

A: Seems to be a good deal, but what about the "up to 30 percents? Thanks 4 the info.

A: yes it also increases damage by 30% and decrease damage taken by 30% :)

A: Wish you knew what you're commenting on. The truth is that the War Commander Diamond Tech takes 3 passes of the 4.5 million purchases & 5 upgrades of each to get to the 30% levels. I wish I knew if you had previously purchased the other levels of the War Commander Diamond Tech. Or maybe you were just putting me on......... Thanks for nothing.

A: I'd bet you don't get what you pay for. They advertise War Commander Romero diamond tech the same, but when I bought it I got the lowest diamond tech and they advertise the highest!

A: If it is like the other diamond techs for other uniques, then you upgrade through each tier. Upgrade through tier 1 to unlock tier 2 and so on until fully upgraded. The War Commander Juggernaut diamond tech is the same.

A:This was all discussed last event. You get the lowest level tier one. When it gets to level 5 you can unlock tier 2, when that gets to level 5 you can unlock tier 3. Each level takes 1 day to upgrade. You only purchase once. They always show the max War Commander level but you always start at the lowest level been like this for years.


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