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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Kixeye is Increased appetite? Kinda Possession of drugs. I do have War Commander omega! Refreshed many but still dammit. Note: No offensive post :)

A: no you dont you have War Commander elite adam level 18 do 2 more levels then you can be omega

A:its a War Commander visual bug and the team is aiming to fix it next downtime, and next time pick a more appropriate name for the War Commander post

A: I do have omega and one of Moderator mentioned it's visual bug! Above read it ... btw my post ain't concern wot I have , it concerns

wot kixeye smoking!

A: Then why are you so immensly vague with that title? What does one have to expect when he sees it? A huge rant about the many things Kix F's up on a regular basis is what I've come to expect from titles like these. (Which there are all too many off anyway if you go dig deep enough.)

Didn't think it was the mention of a mere visual error. And if you do see one of these in the future then check up on the affected units to see if those are indeed there and in the state you knowingly left them in.

And I'm just certain there are going to be those dense War Commanders out there if not the orignal poster himself that just flag and dislike comments that seem like they in favour of anyone related to the WC team but rest assured that the advice I wrote was a good one to follow even if I say so myself.


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