War Commander Bases | Is The Outback Joke?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Is The Outback Joke?

Q: Just me or the War Commander outback just die like a ERM while in War Commander defense? Want to know.

R: It must has something to do with the War Commander resistances. I swear it has zero agaisnt everything, despite being a War Commander heavy vehicle.

And the damage against uniques doesn't really include infantry. And I'm not sure changing it to area from burst hurts it's damage potential.

R: Dies quick and long repair time. I took it out.

R: i empty my entire to avoid days of War Commander repair

i mean my War Commander base

R: nothing can withstand l hovers. except pegasus and screamer no other War Commander unique is worth it. i used cardinal level 6 with tech and still dies fast, really not woth repair time

R: L hover can do magical damage that can't be seen through spec. We may say that's the meta of pvp, clearly that's overpowered, but that's the destiny of hovers!!!!! You remember those days with E hovers and their missile fountain? Hovers=nuke, lord of war.

R: Yes I do and it was just woau

R: It was hellfire missiles

R: Since most get hit offline base War Commander defense is normally useless i find anyways

R: Yes, it is. Change it for 2 absolvers or 3 Leg hover, whatever you prefer.


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