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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Can someone please explain War Commander Infamy to me and how it is calculated? My lack of understanding is frustrating trying to comprehend how a War Commander level 46 with over 10k Infamy can hit me a mere level 38 with 4k Infamy and earn 120 yet if I hit him in return for a War Commander 3 star I only get around 160. Now his base is fully loaded and most buildings are high levels where as mine is empty and buildings are low level, where is the balance? How does this make sense that the best I can do is 40 more War Commander Infamy then he earns? I can understand Warpath and Honor getting to a point where the base dictates the value regardless of whats inside, but Infamy makes no sense to me, just looking for clarity is all, thanks for any help!

R: Infamy from PvP first came about as a reward system to redeem for prizes in the Gear store. Initially you had to achieve 5 victories per week to qualify.

However, it never really took off and Kixeye revamped it to to a seasonal format with individual War Commander infamy levels and group leader-boards for bigger awards.

Even with the new format PvP interest was small and hence the shorter Warpath events which I find much more fun.

Now with the new PvP seasonal format you gain infamy as follow:

- PvP

- infamy drip - as long as you're not in bubble your infamy will slowly increase

The PvP gain initially is good as everyone is starting at zero, but once you start climbing the infamy ladder the payout diminishes quickly as the non-PvP bases just stay at zero and offer no War Commander infamy gain.

Hence the strategy afterwards is to either jump War Commander sectors in search of bases with infamy and weak defenses or just drip along and help your sector out killing / sniping enemy players as they invade.

The latter easier said than done as you're frequently going against the top War Commander PvP players.


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