War Commander Bases | How do we get STORMCHASER Merc?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | How do we get STORMCHASER Merc?

Q: I missed getting the war commander stormchaser unit in an event when I first started a couple months ago. Then, the War Commander Stormchaser merc was being offered but it was not in last War Commander event store and don't see it in this one yet either. How are we supposed to get it when it is not offered anywhere????

R: it was a War Commander contracts prize bud and I have not seen it on offer since. Collect 2 contracts per event (or more if you have missed any previously up to where we are at in event cycle). Many thought it was in general prizes but that's defo not the case. This cycle its the War Commander Akiko unit ( possibly spelling error there)

R: he shouldn't be offered any time soon as War Commander players who got him had to hit 4 events. if he comes out less than 2 months later id be pissed.


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