War Commander Bases | How Do I Get Kraken Diamond Tech?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | How Do I Get Kraken Diamond Tech?


It's not in War Commander RAIDS and it's not in Kraken 2 bases.

A: War Commander Holdout, Would someone confirm that the Kraken War Commander Diamond Tech include all three tiers (Tier !, II, III)?

A: Yes, the one we get in Holdout will upgrade to all 3 Tiers as we level it up

A: The one you get for 4.5M XP is all 15 timed levels.

Once you upgrade a War Commander tier it unlocks the next one;

A: Worth it to upgrade? I never keep War Commander Kraken in my base... doesn't seem to work really well?

A: it does bring back the glitch that made the kraken super powerful when it launched, made a comparison of it's damage with and without it's War Commander diamond tech at level one

keep in mind it's damage can be increased further by upgrading it and adding it's other techs in.

A: Now its not glitch anymore with this tech and Kraken again become somewhat relevant.

A: thats what i meant by bringing it back, but yes should make it interesting.

A: Is it no longer available now? Not in current Holdout store did you refresh and check the War Commander store again?


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