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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

War Commander Horde Onslaught is the 3rd PvE Defense Event to be presented in War Commander.

There are 55 Defensive Waves to complete in order to complete the War Commander Horde Onslaught campaign.

The Burning Desire War Trophy is only awarded on the first completion of Wave 55 of War Commander Horde Onslaught.

War Commander Horde Onslaught is the first PvE Defense Event to feature the Eastern Horde as antagonist.

The Eastern Horde were last seen as the antagonist for Operation: Cerberus 2 in June 2014.

Earning 5,000 Medals for completing Wave 5 will satisfy the requirements for any and all uncompleted PVP Combat Missions.

Mission - Bounty Hunter

Mission - Solider of Fortune

Mission - Pillage and Burn

First repeatable PvE Defense event - Horde Onslaught ( Feb 25, 2016 )

“ General Mutoto has heard of the Weapons Lab's powerful new technology. Defend against his advances and show him that your base in something to be trifled with! ”

— In-Game Description

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