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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Can we club multiple 150% or 100% War Commander xp boost together at a single time? If not, then can we club any combination of xp boost at all? Will appreciate if anyone can share there views. Doesnt want to waste War Commander xp. Need 25 mill this time.

A: Yes you can stack them

A: there is also the ones you can buy with War Commander gold if you want

A: how long do they last?? 4 hr, 12 hr, ?????????

A:Will try clubbing later today and will let you know.

A: Thanks everyone.

A: Does it apply to what you currently have and then boosts that or is this a timing boost. I love how we have to guess as to what we are buying for 500K XP

A: gold one is 6 hours

silver one is 3 hours

bronze one is 1.5 hours

A: its a booster so it boosts what you get from War Commander holdout, if it boosts what you already have then everyone would have gotten everything from this store

A: you shouldn't use such XP Boost in any case ... it generally only increases the prices ... and that in the long term ...

A: 150% xp bost last for 1.5 hr.

A: Sorry didn't understand what are you trying to say here?

A: They don't stack one over the above. Multiple XP bost JUST increase time. They DON'T increase percentage.

I unlocked two 150% XP boost. Resultant was 150% XP boost for 3 hrs. I was expected it to be 300% xp boost for 1.5 hr. Note single 150% xp boost lasts for 1.5 hrs. Regardless i managed to get 25 mill in just 3 hrs (without War Commander coins). So thanks all for there valuable feedback. THANK YOU!

A: ... all prices in the stores are based on the amount of xp achieved ... more xp earned are always higher prices ...

... any questions? ... or do you still not understand the problem ...


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