War Commander | Has Anyone Got a Logistic Yet ?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: Any got a War Commander logistic from holdout yet ? Not one and im done with what i need.

R: Are your War Commander logistics already full?

The XP bonus is better than logistics anyway.

R: Today have some bug and logistics stop payout.

R: loads, filled up, used them rinse and repeat. War Commander Easy event.

R: I got an War Commander instant repair for Adam and 500k xp my first time and now just keep getting xp every repeat.

R: I have a few not full up yet. I have all I need so the XP bonus to me personally is of no use so i would rather have the War Commander logistic. Was wondering if there was an issue as not had one. It seems not by some replies so just bad drops for me

R: I received one after third restart.


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