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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The War Commander Flamethrower Sets Targets On Fire using Thorium Technology Advantage at Level 10.

The Flamethrower was RETIRED in the Game Update of Jun 08, 2016.

The War Commander Flamethrower's Upgrade Times were reduced in the Game Update of Oct. 02, 2014.

The Flamethrower received the ability to be upgraded to Veteran Level 6 in the Game Update of War Commander Bases.

The War Commander Flamethrower received the ability to be upgraded to Veteran Level 5 in the Game Update of May 01, 2014.

The Flamethrower War Commander, Level 10+ adds the Napalm Status Effect which causes targets to burn after the Flamethrower stops shooting.

The War Commander Elite Flamethrower replaced the Flamethrower in the same Update that Retired it.

Flamethrowers are released from the War Commander Flame Assault Vehicle upon its destruction.

All Flamethrower's now have a permanent Red look, prior to this the Flamethrowers had two separate colors: Blue ( Player ) and Red ( Enemy ).

The War Commander Flamethrower appear to be wearing a Gas masks and Bio Suit.

The Flamethrower has a no-smoking sticker on the back of his fuel container.

“ Flamethrowers love a good bonfire and burn through enemy infantry with M2-2 flamethrowers. ”

— In-Game Description

“ "Flamethrowers make short work of enemies unfortunate enough to get within range of their M2-2 flamethrowers. The addition on liquid Thorium into the fuel has resulted in a long burn time that ignites anything it touches with a lasting flame." ”

— Level 10 Description

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