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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

War Commander Fire Brigade

War Commander Scouts have observed the War Commander Fire Brigade and have gathered the following information: The War Commander Fire Brigade is a Vehicle for the Eastern Horde Faction and is a Modified Rogue version of the War Commander Phalanx with Medium Health/Range.

Explosive Ammunition - Units killed by the War Commander Fire Brigade explodes, dealing Damage to nearby Allied Units.

Suicide upon Death - Upon death, the Fire Brigade leaves a temporary Area of Fire, which damages Allied War Commander Ground Units

Fire Superiority - The War Commander Fire Brigade takes massively Reduced Damage from War Commander Fire Damage

The Fire Brigade War Commander was introduced during Operation: Rising Sun

The Fire War Commander Brigade is Rogue Faction Exclusive Vehicles Unit exclusively used by the Eastern Horde Faction.

The War Commander Fire Brigade is a Non-Playable Unit ( NPC ) and therefore may not be unlocked or used by Players.

The War Commander Fire Brigade can be ( could be ) commonly seen in Special Events with Eastern Horde as the Antagonist.

The Fire Brigade is a Direct Firing Unit, requiring a line of sight to it's target.

The War Commander Fire Brigade is a modified War Commander Rogue Faction version of the Phalanx with several differences, including :

Appearance : The Fire Brigade has Woodland Camo highlights instead of the color scheme found on the Phalanx.

Turret : The Fire Brigade has a fixed Flamethrower Mounted Turret, unlike the Phalanx which sports a Minigun Mounted Turret.

Simultaneous Targeting : The War Commander Fire Brigade doesn't have the ability to target multiple target simultaneously like the War Commander Phalanx.

Move and Shoot : The Fire Brigade doesn't have the ability to Move and Shoot

War Commander Spartan Spawning : The Fire Brigade doesn't have the ability to spawn Spartans when taking Damage like the Phalanx.

Pixel Sheet Code : 393 & 393.dead

First Eastern Horde Unit/Vehicle to produce War Commander Area Damage - ( Tied with War Commander Fireman ) - Fire Brigade

“ Fierce Defenders - Fire resistant Eastern Horde Units can ignite ammunitions of the units they kill, damaging nearby units. They also have deadly Last stand Defenders ”

— Eastern Horde Faction Traits

“ Choose Your Weapon - Using Burst fire units such as the Purifier will to do maximum damage when attacking their bases. Heavy Vehicles with armor will resist their Fire attacks. ”

— Eastern Horde Faction Traits

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