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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | Faction Bonus Help

Q: Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how you know that your War Commander Faction bonus is activated in your base when you are attacked. I have (I believe), everything set to my faction, including turrets, when I do a test through go-go bar, I can not see if the faction bonus is working. Cheers

R: Go-go bar doesn't count, it isn't considered pvp or pve.

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R: I have aligned to War Commander Sentinels, I have sentinel only troops in my War Commander base, last stand buildings are sentinel troops, my turrets are Avalanche (not aligned) and Upholder (sentinel). There is nothing aligned in my War Commander drone silo. When I was attacked the Faction bonus did not activate.

R: did you see War Commander status effect icons on your units? (fire,shock, turncoat,etc) if no then its just a visual bug

R: did not notice, is that they only way to truly know? Oh sentinels become immune to status effects so yes


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