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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The War Commander Explosive Ordnance requires a Level ? Workshop to be Unlocked.

Benefits of the Explosive Ordnance :

Equipped War Commander Unit's Slash Radius is Increased.

Slash Radius increased by 9 to 20 depending on its Level.

Drawbacks of the War Commander Explosive Ordnance :

Equipped Unit's Range is reduced by 5% at all Levels

Each pack purchased contains 1 War Commander Explosive Ordnance.

478 EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE ( Limited Tech ) : Adds to Splash Radius / Reduces Range

Equipped Units War Commander Splash Radius is Increased by 9 • Range is Reduced by 5%

The War Commander Explosive Ordnance received a Cost & Upgrade Time restructure in the Game Update of Sep 18, 2015.

The War Commander Explosive Ordnance was added to the Component Replicator in the Game Update of Aug 27, 2015

The Explosive Ordnance War Commander was introduced via Shadow Ops - ( Jul 31, 2015 )

“ Explosive Ordnance increases the equipped unit's Splash Radius by 20 but the weight of hte explosive shells reduces Range by 5%. ”

— Shadow Ops Description


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