War Commander | Excessive Honour Loss

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Just lost 6000 War Commander honour in 1 attack, you cannot be serious !!!, why bother trying to achieve anything that while i sleep my War Commander bubble will open twice and i lose more than some War Commander players hold

and its not as if the attacker gets the 6000 they get considerably less, SO kix why are you robbing us

To replace that amount of War Commander honour i would have to hit 60 x lvl 36 bases (higher if possible ) to catch up to where i was, in a very competative environment and being restricted to only hitting a War Commander base twice,,,,then if i get hit again....lose another 6000 about snakes and ladders !

R: ya its bullshit i got like 500 honour in lost 700 honour while im a sleep its bullshit man.

R: yeah i lost 10k honor in one attack its a load of crap fix this kixeye War Commander

R: Wow really?!!

R: i like to play this War Commander game, only the War Commander pvp system (to say it mildly) is absolutely not to my taste ...

R: Well thats the beauty of it, we have the choice to do pvp or not to.But in some ways if you dont do pvp at all it will eventually hinder your War Commander advancement in the game.

R: PvP is more fun actually taken into account the grinding nature of the War Commander PvE

R: sorry, but if I consider something to be inferior, I will also tell you ... and I consider this War Commander pvp to be extremely inferior ...


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