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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

War Commander Envoy Levels 11 thru 20 require Envoy specific Faction War Commander Training Tokens to upgrade instead of Metal & Oil. The Envoy was introduced via the Event Shop & as WCP during Operation: Sins of Our Fathers ( Apr 19, 2018 ).

The Envoy is a Generation III Faction Unit for the War Commander Sentinels faction and is equipped with a Ballistic Missile Launcher capable of firing slow moving and long-range projectiles :

Minimum Range : 300. ( Unable to fire on targets under this range. )

Maximum Range : 600.


The Envoy upon reaching Level 10 unlocks the talent of War Commander Hydrogen Cores :

Missiles apply Cryo ( Cryo-ICON ) to Units for 3 seconds upon impact.

The War Commander Envoy upon reaching Level 20 upgrades its talent :

Missiles create a Cryo ( Cryo-ICON ) Area of Effect 3 seconds upon impact.

Any units within or passing through Cryo Zone will be effected.

The Envoy drops its Semi-Limited status once 15 have been unlocked allowing for unlimited production.

However, production may still be limited by overall available Aircraft Capacity.

The Envoy War Commander at Level 10 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 126,087 Damage it sustains.

The Envoy at Level 20 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 169,565 Damage it sustains.

The War Commander Envoy Training Token was introduced and available in the Event Shop during Op: Sins of Our Fathers.

Pixel Sheet Codes : 366 & projectile-wrathful-missile

First 3rd Generation Faction Aircraft Unit for the Sentinels Faction to be introduced - Envoy

“ The Envoy is a long-range Airborne helicopter equipped with a devastating cruise missile. Launch tactical strikes from afar with pinpoint precision. Like Verkraft’s Billygoat, the Envoy has minimum range. ”

— Event Briefing Description

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