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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The War Commander Engine Shell requires a Level 8 Workshop to be Unlocked.

Benefits of the War Commander Engine Shell are Reduced Damage From Turrets.

Maximum reduction of 40% at max level 6.

Scales Damage Dealt With Damage Taken

Maximum increase of Gigantic at max level 6.

Increase Movement Speed as Damage is Taken

Maximum increase of Small at max level 6.

Stat Progression

763 ENGINE SHELL ( Epic Tech ) : Reduces Damage From War Commander Turrets • Scales Dealt With Damage Taken

The War Commander Engine Shell was introduced via Sector Goal Arms Cache during Operation: Dogs of War ( Jun 18, 2016 )

The Engine Shell War Commander may only be equipped to the Titan Schematic when attached to the Omega Titan.

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