War Commander | Does the Legendary Legion Heal?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Just me or does the War Commander legion heal its self cuz i was raining hell on it after i took out the War Commander base and still had 9 mins but thing wouldnt fking die

R: I don't think it does, but maybe it does an has new stuff.

R: L Legion clones or drones, so what you are hitting are its clones/drones. Use hard hitting units like absolvers, adam or War Commander destroyer

R: yeah was using War Commander aces then i said fk it and sent in ds destroyer hive nova and adam

R: it produces 2 clones of itself i had to hit 6 clones before getting to the mother. the mother damages at the same time as the clones. quicker you kill mother - less clones produced I assume. STILL plenty of time left - I was done with 9 mins 40 secs on the clock. A 3 day 14 hour 23 min build time - 53 mill thorium needed.

R: thank you for the info

R: It spawns War Commander clones not sure at what intervals.It seems when the clones are next to him they take most of the damage until they die.But the spawn rate is dam fast with them.All i can say is i hope our L legion is half as strong as this one.But knowing how things have gone in the past our version of units is never the same as the War Commander kixeye versions.

R: Mikey kills it the fastest. Level 2 War Commander mikey kills mother and clones in 3 shots in total...

R: If it doesn't walk through any War Commander players base for 1 gold then it's not really a Legion....;)

R: Probably reduce damage from air. Takes roughly 20 aces with 100% survivor buff in 4 minutes to kill it.

R: Once you take out the the War Commander base part.. I used 18 aces and herald. worked like a champ.

R: I was doing them this way was taking to long though.Went to chopper and controllers,much faster.

R: once the first 2 clone is out... aim at the main unit with ur ace and sit back .. and it will continue be hitting the main War Commander unit and the clone will only be killed by the splash


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