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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: If War Commander care takers are not going to preform the way they have in the past get rid of them, 5 times now at the end of a round in hold out I have still got care takers with health and my main units War Commander have heavy damage, and yes I lock my units down so to not move unless I move them, War Commander caretakers never leave them the big red tank never gets close to my units as I meet them as the spawn in and kill immediately. Of course I sent tickets and still await an answer, thats right, thats how you get more money from me, wait until after event to give me BS. This is not my internet as I`m running almost 400mbps cleaned cashe did a trace route I have no packet loss, as for ad blocker as one of your War Commander experts asked me if I had it off makes not a **** difference on how units act

A: the enemy tank called the Bishamon can remove the aura of the War Commander caretakers and the DS if it hit them with a direct attack

the Bishamon has a very long Range

I did not notice any other issues with them, and not in the videos i also viewed for the Holdout ... maybe i was just ... lucky


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