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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Just A Suggestion If We Can Get War Commander Medals Through Challenge Bases Why Can't We Get War Commander Blood Thorium Like That It's Not An Insane Idea Both Medals And Blood Thorium Are Exchangeable In War Commander Gear Store & Blood Thorium Is Essential Just Like Medals

My Suggestion Is Either To Have A Blood Thorium Payout In Challenge Bases

Or Have A Blood Thorium Only War Commander Bases Minimum 1 Maximum 3 ( Just Make It Doable & Not Over Powered )

R: Because they said BT would have limited avenues to acquire and would be PVP ONLY.... Increase the ways to get it then you dilute its value.

R: our elite War Commander players get enough blood thorium with pvp and are not interested in an alternative way to get it ... that's that thing with superman syndrome ...

R: Let me guess this was discussed on the discord right? I dont think i ever saw this mentioned here in the forums.

R: Has been before yes as well as when blood thorium War Commander first came out.... they wanted it to be rare so it had more value

R: Being able to farm medal from medal base is probably the main reason why gear store update nowadays are shats.

If War Commander blood thorium bases are released then it's either so overpowered that people can't be arsed about it or it's easy enough that some smarty folks managed to find out how to farm these bases effectively then clean the entire blood thorium shop in a week.

In both cases the War Commander development time are better spent on something else.

R: The gear store has been crap forever, since they stopped giving War Commander shadow ops points for sunday boss bases.... tech is easy to get and so are medals..

R: But The Thing Is You Need Like At Least 2 Months/Seasons To Fully Upgrade 1 Hero Unit Like Martin,Leonard Or Even PVP Units Like L.phantom

Cause War Commander Warpath Gives You Maximum 20 BT Per Season & Infamy Payout Gives You 10 BT ( Gold 1) Per Season Which Is 48/49 Days

So Why Not Make It A Little Bit Easier For Players To Have BT So They Can Upgrade Units Without Playing 2 Months/Seasons Just To Max Out 1 Unit !

Small Edit PVP Units Like HoverTank/Legion,Phantom Take 2 BT Per Token Which Means You Need 4 Months/Seasons To Max Them Out

R: Martin bases were on map, Leonard bases have been on map multiple times... those u can get 45 tokens in around 45 minutes to get leo to level 10... they quit putting hero token bases on map for the new units.... once again BT is supposed to be rare and have value.... pvp and hero showdown

R: The way we get Blood Thorium is fine. We should not be able to get them any other way. If a Blood Thorium Base did come out it would be a 1 hit base. And it would drive players to the War Commander forums crying how hard they are.

And a player can easily make it to Diamond League each Warpath. They just have to visit Sectors with a low population and hit every base you come across. I'm sure there will be some players who disagree with me. But if you put in the work it will all be worth it.

R: The gear store is good mostly for new or players trying to catch up. There is very little in there for older players,most of the time i am maxed on medals. Basically the only thing i use medals for are the special ops.It would be nice to see some things in there that i could use medals on.Maybe like some of the older War Commander trophys i have quite a few of them but are missing some too.Early on when they first started introducing trophys to the game i didnt buy them.

R: Being able to buy trophies is a good idea


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