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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | Baldur

The War Commander Baldur is a Hero version of the Punisher Tank and a Special Forces Vehicle ( Heavy ).

Primary Attacks :

Weapon : Mounted belt-fed Machine Gun

Damage Type : Sustain Damage - ( Fires 20x102mm Ballistics )

Damage Per Round : 42,000 ( At Rank 40 )

Clip Size : 1

Fire Rate : N / A

Reload : 6 ( 0.15 sec )

Splash Radius : N / A

Single Target

Targets Ground Only

Damage penetrates through Invulnerability Shields

High Damage

Effective against Infantry and Light Vehicles

Defense :

Strong against Sustain Damage

Weak against Burst Damage

Neutral against Area Damage

Movement :

Slow moving

HERO Functions

Baldur provides the following special Hero Buff :

Fire on my Target! - Increases the Rate of Fire of nearby Punishers by ??%.

The Buff applies only to the following Special Forces :

The Punisher

The Fire on my Target! Buff does NOT apply to the following Special Forces :

Any other Special Forces Infantry, Aircraft or Vehicles.

Qualified Units must be within Baldur's personal Area of Influence to receive his Buff.

Baldur has an Area of Influence with a radius of 500.

The Hero Buff is terminated upon the death of Baldur.

Any Special Force Members under the influence of the buff will display a special icon


Build Times & Repair Information

Level 10 War Factory Build & Repair Times For Baldur ( T )


1 - 20 5d 0h 41m 1h 31m

30 ( P1 ) 4d 18h 39m 1h 26m

40 ( P1 )

Baldur received an Expert Level via a Special Gold Offer in Nov 2016.

Baldur was introduced via a Event Shop during Operation: Retribution ( May 19, 2016 )

Baldur is upgraded via Veteran Experience ( vXP ).

Baldur is a Unique Unit which has a Production Limit of 1.

Baldur penetrates and damages Units through the Invulnerability Shield

Baldur is a Direct Fire Weapon which requires a Line of Sight path to its target.

Baldur at Rank 20 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 25,000 Damage it sustains.

Baldur at Rank 30 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every 39,680 Damage it sustains..

Baldur at Rank 40 requires 1 minute of Repairs for approximately every ? Damage it sustains..

Baldur is a

Special Forces Vehicle

Heavy Vehicle

Hero Unit

Game Character

Baldur and his forces declared war on the Eastern Horde after their rampage decimated the territory of his Faction/militia, the Free Forces Coalition.

Pixel Sheet Code : 184, 184.turret & 184.dead

Pixel Sheet Code ( Expert ) : 184.rare, 184.rare.turret & 184.rare.dead

First Hero to have an Expert Level version introduced via a Special Gold Offer - Baldur

First Vehicle to have an Expert Level version introduced via a Special Gold Offer - Baldur

“ Baldur is a powerhouse of damage. His Punisher tank is the pinnacle of firepower unleashing massive damage to his targets and increasing the rate of fire of nearby Punishers. ”

— Operation: Retribution - Event Briefing

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