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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | Attack Dog

The War Commander Attack Dog Takes Reduced Damage From Land Mines.

A unique function of the Attack Dog is its ability to " Sniff Out " and detonate any unseen Land Mines in an Enemy Base or Deposit, thus clearing the path for subsequent attacking ground forces.

There are two methods of using the Attack Dog to locate and detonate Land Mines.

Using Fire at Will to Locate and Detonate Land Mines :

Attack Dogs will individually sniff out 1 Land Mine per dog.

Meaning if there are 4 Land Mines and you give 6 Dogs the Fire at Will command :

4 Dogs will each run to 1 mine each.

2 Dogs will not move ( unless there is infantry close enough for them to take off after )

If there are 4 land Mines and you give 2 Dogs the Fire at Will command :

Each Dogs will run to 1 of the fist two mines.

Following the detonation of the first 2 mines each dog will then individually select and detonate the remaining 2 mines.

Benefits of this method are :

Only 1 Attack Dog takes Damage for each of the Land Mines detonated.

The quickest method to detonate a large amount of spread out Land Mines.

Using R.U.B.I. to Locate and Detonate Land Mines :

Attack Dogs will sniff out 1 Land Mine at a time while remaining in a pack.

Meaning if there are 4 Land Mines and you deploy 6 Attack Dogs with R.U.B.I. activated :

All 6 Dogs will sniff out and detonate each of the 4 Land Mines 1 at a time as a pack.

Benefits of this method are :

Multiple Attack Dogs all seeking a single Land Mine at once increases the chance of a successful detonation when the mine is being covered by Single Target Defenses like Snipers.

Mine Detonation Survival Rates

Number of Mines The Attack Dog Can Detonate Per Level

The Attack Dog's Upgrade Times were reduced in the Game Update of Oct. 02, 2014.

The Attack Dog received the ability to be upgraded to Level 16 in the Game Update of Aug 06, 2014.

The Attack Dog received the ability to be upgraded to Level 15 in the Game Update of May 01, 2014.

The Attack Dog may freely pass over any Land Mine without detonating it.

The Attack Dog will only detonate a Mine if it is actively seeking it out.

The Attack Dog takes approximately 2 Seconds to detonate a Land Mine once it is reached.

The Attack Dog will seek out the next closest mine on a horizontal line from the previously detonated one even if it is at a great distance than a mine located in a forward line.

The Attack Dog will attack Infantry Units in the absence of any undetonated Land Mines.

The Attack Dog may attack and kill all Ground Infantry Units including Hercules & Gladiators.

The Attack Dog 's speed and ability to change direction instantly makes it a good unit bait non-direct firing weapons such a Mortar and Hellfire Turrets.

One Dead Level 10+ Attack Dog at a time may be instantly healed with a Level 10 Barracks.

The Attack Dog with 20 has the lowest Range of any Unit, including the Suicide Bomber with a range of 25.

The Attack Dog travels the width of the World Map ( 500 Hex's ) in approximately 7m 30s

Giving it a Calculated Map Speed of 1.1 hps ( Hex Per Second ).

Pixel Sheet Code : 30

First Non-Human / Non-Machine Unit to be introduced - Attack Dog

First Non-Human Infantry Unit to be introduced - Attack Dog

First Unit with the ability to detect Land Mines - Attack Dog

First Infantry Unit to be awarded as a Special Event Prize - Attack Dog - Operation: Warhawk

“ These ground units go straight for the jugular whether they're hunting down Infantry or charging mines. Attack Dogs are always rabid and always hungry for the kill. ”

— Event Shop Description

“ Trained for the battlefield, the attack dog provides support by removing mines and excelling against infantry at close quarters. Advances in training have resulted in fewer attack dogs being lost in the mine removal process. ”

— Level 10+ In-Game Description

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