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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Q: Ask to moderator kixeye, is there a War Commander update CC coming. The goal being anticipate the time and be ready.


A: there is no War Commander CC update anytime soon due to the html5 port taking higher priority, once the port is completed, the War Commander team can switch it's focus back to content

A: So what you are saying the War Commander game is going to be even more boring than before.Boring events, boring holdouts,getting to grind out 80 omega War Commander bases because they changed the payouts,etc,etc,etc.Uggggg.Well luckily theres a lot of other games to play.Thanks for the headsup though.

A: take it whatever way you like

A: Are you saying that War Commander upgrades are fun? TBH im really glad they are not throwing CC update. There are chit load of stuff to upgrade.Maybe next time dont coin everything to max level as soon as an update rolls out and play the game as some of us do

A: you will have all you can handle whether you coin or not when they drop the next CC update.. that i can promise you

A: It's great not having War Commander buildings to upgrade.....nice break

I still have a lot to upgrade, but the War Commander turrets and defense desperately need upgrades to keep up with the new War Commander released units. I have seen mentioned that such upgrades are coming to help the defense, which will be in the form of a CC upgrade, but basically, the entire game is on complete standstill for now until they upgrade to html. They are not addressing War Commander bugs and glitches and the game balance is falling behind.

A: I agree that any further buildings' upgrades shouldn't be out anytime soon so we get the chance to upgrade what we already have. And it will be an opportunity for the War Commander developers to focus on the transformation process

A: ... so my War Commander dozer is still in use 24/7 ... and no end in sight ...

A: In the meantime we can sit and twiddle ours thumbs then. Game is pretty dull lately.

A: Other War Commanders are posting and complaining that they have endless updates and threaten to quit.


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