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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: If I Collected 40 War Commander Elite Ares Parts Will I Be Able To Unlock It Knowing That I Don't Have The Standard War Commander Version

R: No. You would still have to have the standard version.. But you can collect elite & War Commander omega parts.

R: From Where There Is No War Commander Ares Bases Standard Version On World Map

R: It was a shadow ops prize... Eventually it may come to event or gear... Key word: MAY....

R: Also once you get the standard version you will need to upgrade it to level 10 before you can convert it to elite.

R: The standard and War Commander elite parts will be in the prize store from event when the sector goal changes from omega destroyer to War Commander omega ares. You will still need to upgrade each version to obtain the next version....standard 1 to 10, 11 elite to 20, 21-30 omega

R: Standard and elite bases will be in the map this week, refer to the calendar

R: I think you mean elite and regular Adam are out this week

R: I could be wrong, but Destroyer bases should be the next unique bases to be released on the map, then should be Ares after that, so still a little while to go

R: They will come in event store from coming event

R: Doubt it, but who knows what kixeye does??

R: It is confirmed that War Commander standard Ares will be available in the next event. Along with Omega Ares parts

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