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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

War Commander Advanced Material Deposits are unique rogue bases that periodically spawn on the World Map and are exclusively for extracting Advanced Materials used for upgrading Advanced Structures.

War Commander Advanced Material Deposits may be captured from both Rogue Factions or an Enemy Player.

Destroy all the Buildings found inside deposit to seize control and start extracting War Commander Advanced Materials.

The Player capturing a deposit is immediately rewarded the following :

Initial Capture Payout - 1,000 Advanced Materials

Recapture Payout - 100 Advanced Materials ( Recapturing a deposit back from an Enemy Player )

The Deposit has a Limited Lifespan once it spawns on the World Map :

The spawn of a Deposit starts a lifespan timer of 30 Minutes referred to as the Deposit Timer.

When Deposit Timer reaches zero, the deposit is depleted and will be removed from the map.


Upon spawning the Deposit starts an 10 Minute drip timer referred to as the Extraction Timer.

Period Payout - 800 Advanced Materials is paid out upon the Extraction Timer reaching zero.

The Extraction Timer is then Reset and the process of extraction begins again, until depleted.

Final Payout - 2,500 Advanced Materials is paid out as the Deposit becomes depleted and is removed from the World Map.

LOSING CONTROL OF Advanced Materials :

Advanced Materials Deposit will be removed from the sector when the Deposit Timer reaches zero.

Deposits may also be forcibly taken by an Enemy Player.

Advanced Material Base Layout

Passive Repair Bases : Base begins to repair if an attack is ended.

Rocket Silos : Both are equipped with Lv20 Rogue Achilles GS rockets.

Each are supported by a Level 5 Bracing Turret mounted on a Level 5 Plated Platform.

The Advanced Material Deposit increased the Final Payout to 2,500 in the Game Update of Jul 31, 2019.

The Advanced Material Deposit reduced its Lifespan to 30 min in the Game Update of Jul 31, 2019.

The Advanced Material Deposit gained a selection on the Recon Satellite in a Unannounced Update on June 01, 2019.

The Advanced Material Deposit was introduced in the Game Update of May 30, 2019.

Advanced Material Deposits are currently the only source for obtaining Advanced Materials.

Advanced Material Deposits are spawned and initially controlled by the Hell Hounds rogue faction.

Advanced Material Deposits are Passive Repair Bases, meaning they will begin Repairing themselves if an attack is ended.

New Advanced Material Deposits spawn at the Top of the Hour during a active scheduled Spawn Time.

Advanced Material Deposits can be located in the Sector via the use of the Recon Satellite.

This will cycle through all Rogue and Enemy owned Deposits in the sector.

The maximum Advanced Materials obtainable from a single Advanced Material Deposit is 6,000.

Requires deposit to be located and captured within the first 10 min of spawning then held for its entire life span.

The Advanced Material Deposit, functionally bares resemblance to the early versions of the now retired Thorium Deposits.

Ending an Attack on a deposit will transform the deposits Background to the Winter Mountain Fortress background.

This removes the Attack Path restriction that come with the Bastion Compound background.

First method of obtaining Advanced Materials - Advanced Material Deposit

First Rogue Base to spawn without a Base Level listed - Advanced Material Deposit

Fewest Bases / Deposits per Spawn Period with as few as 3 spawning per Sector - Advanced Material Deposit

“ Sectors have proven to be rich with materials and a new resources has just been unearthed. Advanced Materials are entering the fold and deposits are popping up all across the sectors. This is your chance to harvest this new material and get a leg up on your greedy neighbors. Advanced Material Deposits are the only way to upgrade your Advanced Structures, so claim them while you can! ”

— Advanced Material Deposits Briefing

“ Advanced Material deposits are locations available within sectors on the world map. These bases can be held by rival players or rogue factions. You’ll need to destroy the deposit to take control from rival players and rogue factions

Once you’ve seized control of the deposit you’ll be rewarded with an initial prize of Advanced Materials and the deposits extraction timer will restart. You’ll receive Advanced Materials in intervals as indicated by the drip timer. The extraction timer will continue to reset and line up the next set of materials as long as you control the deposit. ”

— Advanced Material Deposits Briefing

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