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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

War Commander Absorption is one of the six Main Damage Types produced by all non-Legacy units. The five other main damage types being : Area Damage, Burst Damage, Fire Damage, Plasma Damage and Sustain Damage.

Despite being a "Damage type," it cannot be used offensively as units using Absorption cannot directly engage in enemy units and buildings. Units using War Commander Absorption however protect friendly units by reducing or negating the damage done by these units at a cost of taking equal or reduced amount of damage to the unit utilizing Absorption.

As of now, the only units using an Absorption weapon natively is the Caretaker and its Hero, Galen. The only other unit is the Sphinx, when it is equipped with its Rare Tech.

Damage Characteristics

Cannot be used offensively. Hence it is not a "damage type" even though it characterizes the weapon of the unit

Protects other friendly units by redirecting damage to the unit using Absorption.

Units with Damage Absorption War Commander


Galen (Caretaker Hero)

War Commander Absorption was introduced in the Game Update of Dec 20, 2017.


Redirects damage from nearby allied ground units to itself ( Absorption Units Excluded ). ”

— In-Game Description

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