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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | Tech

The War Commander Tech was Retired from service in the Game Update of Dec 21, 2011.

The Tech was introduced with the Official Public Beta release of War Commander in 2011.

The War Commander Techs function was to perform Repairs to damaged Vehicles in the Field.

The Tech could not Repair completely destroyed Vehicles.

Once destroyed a Unit would have to be replaced with a newly produced one.

The Tech was removed when the ability to withdraw Vehicles from the Field for Repairs was introduce.

The War Commander Tech was to vehicles as the Medic was to Infantry.

The Tech made repairs to vehicles and the Medic healed infantry.

Players who had Unlocked the Tech at the of its retirement received a Full Refund of Resources.

The Tech and the Medic no longer continue to be the only units introduced that could not attack the Enemy.

The War Commander Tech makes an appearance as an enemy unit in the Level 50 Event Base during Operation: Roadkill.

It had been ? years since the Tech was last seen in War Commander.

Pixel Sheet Code : 8, 8.v2, 8.v3 & 8.v2.dead

First Non-Offensive Unit to be introduced - ( Tie ) Medic & Tech

First War Commander Unit to be Retired from service - ( Tie ) Medic & Tech

“ These grease monkeys don't let a little gunfire get in the way of vehicle repair. ”

— In-game Description

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