War Commander | 98% Base Damage is Not a Flat?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: 98% War Commander base damage is not a flat?

When did the War Commander rules change for a 3 star? I killed every wall every building. Do we have to kill all War Commander units now? I left pegasus because I didn't bring my dedicated anti-air units. If this is true then I will never be 3 starred ever again. War Commander RUBI on and I ran around the base 3 times. Did I miss something?

R: I made a post about this and all i got was my War Commander pc is sht

R: i got it also, i bring aces and fly all over War Commander base and suddenly 1 hunter turret start to fire, its was invisible and my heavy didn't find it, i even put ruby on. the base looks completely destroyed. i got it 2 times and was from War Commander players that i am not sure if they play 100% right. who will tell if glitch or something else

R: I got 100% today. I have no idea what I killed to get it. The last thing in the War Commander attack log was a floating platform. It was something outside of the War Commander base layout. Floating heavy platform was the last thing in the attack log details. So I guess I should equip that to prevent a 3 star.


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